Special features of Rabbit

Rabbits are midway between ruminants and monogastric animals. They are called pseudo ruminant. They can convert cellulose into meat and can easily survive on kitchen scrap. They are coprophagous in nature they reinvest their faeces in the early hours of morning directly from their anus through lips. Thus replenish vitamins and cellulose content of feases.

They breed eight times in a year. Female may produce five to eight youngs which attain sexual maturity in four to six months. Life span of rabbit is about seven to eight years. Slaughter weight of rabbit is about 2 kg. which can be achieved in 12 to 15 weeks. Rabbits have got fast reproductive process and are able to remate within 24 hours of giving birth [kindling]. Their gestation period ranges to 31 days. They are prolific breeder.

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