Different types of feeds suitable for feeding rabbits

S.No Category of feed Feed staffs



RoughagesDry Bulky feeds

Fresh Bulky feeds

i) Grasses

ii) Green cereal plants

iii) Legumes

iv) Roots

v) Green vegetables

vi) Other plants


i) Energy supplements

ii) Protein supplements

Hay made from grass or legume (Alfalfa)

Guniea grass, Napier grass

Maize, Sorghum

Alfalfa, Berseem

Turnips, radish, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams

Green leaves of cabbage, spinach, lettuce etc.

Banana leaves, various weeds, local grass

Maize, Sorghum, millets, barley

Soya flour, groundnut cake, cotton seed cake, meat, fish meal.

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