Common diseases of rabbits and their prevention and control

S.No. Name of the disease Important Symptoms Prevention and control measures
1. Coccidiosis Diarrhea, loss of appetite and dehydration. May cause death in 24-36 hours. (i) Coccidiostats like Sulphaquinoxaline + Sulphamerazine @ 0.02 to 0.10% in drinking water(ii) Strict Hygienic measures
2. Body mange (Ear canker) Intense prurity, scratching, scaling of the skin, loss of fur and animal becomes weak. (i) Application of ascabiol lotion(ii) Ivermectin injection 0.02 ml/kg body wt (S/C)

(ii) Strict hygienic measures

3. Enterits complex Subnormal temperature, crouched posture, roughned hair coat, gelatinous mucus with dry feaces and bloat. (i) No successful treatment(ii) Tetracycline in feed @ 100 gm/tonne feed

(iii) Adequate amount of fibre should be given.

4. Pasteurellosis(Snuffles) Discharges from nostrils, wiping of nose with paws, loss of appetite, high rise of temperature. (i) 400000 IU of pencillin and 0.5 g streptomycin given I/M
5. Shorehock Inflamed areas or sores on the under surface of hind paws, weakness and dehydration. (i) Sores should opened and antiseptic dressing should be applied. Provide soft bedding during treatment period
6. Hind quarter paralysis Sudden jerk, excitement, paralysis, loss of control over urination and defication. (i) Affected animals should be slaughtered.
7. Hairfball occlusion Wool get accumulated in stomach and blocks normal passage of food. (i) Treat the animal with mineral oil or neopeptin or fresh pineapple juice.
8. Wryneck Permanent turning of neck to one side, unable to eat, weakness. Affected animals should be slaughtered

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