Disease Prevention/Control

1. Clean sanitary conditions of rabbit cages, sheds and equipment, balanced feed and fresh clean water are essential to prevent chances of infection.

2. The rabbits should be prevented from coming in contact with the feaces.

3. Over crowding should be avoided.

4. Proper ventilation should be provided.

5. Flies which may act as carriers of the infection should be kept under control in the rabbitry.

6. The common diseases of rabbits and recommended preventive/control measures are given in Annexure – V

7. Rabbit cages should be disinfected with blow lamp after every shearing and kindling cages before the doe is shifted and after weaning.

8. Burn dead sick rabbits at once to keep the diseases from spreading.

9. The bedding of the nest box should be burnt after use.

10. The dead animals should be burried soon after post mortem (if required).

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