19. Production performance depends upon the quality of feed offered. For high production levels balanced pellet feed in combination with hay should be given.

20. Fresh green plants like bean, Alfalfa, berseem, grass, tender banana, cane and bamboo leaves, cutup pieces of the stalks of plants such as maize or banana, roots such as cassava, yams, carrots, beefs and turnips inedible portions of cabbage and cauliflower etc. can replace partially or wholly pellet feeds in case of low input and low output production system. Different types of feeds that can be fed to rabbits are given in Annexure – IV a.

1. If whole pellet is fed, feed is given at a time for many days.

2. If concentrate and hay are given, then concentrate should be offered preferably in the morning and hay in the afternoon. Recommended concentrate feed formulae for Angora rabbits are given in Annexure – IV b.

3. A practical combination of different types of feeds and regular timetable for feeding is advisable so that rabbits do not feel any stress due to changes in their daily routine. A practical feeding combintaion is given in Annexure – IV c.

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