Now let’s make a rough calculation in Rabbit Farming

Suppose you buy 10 units of Rabbits.

That means 70 females and 30 males.

A female Rabbit delivers 5 to 10 babies every 45 days.

Let’s take 5 babies per female per delivery for minimum calculation.

That means 70 females will deliver 350 baby rabbits every 45 days.

Every baby Rabbit will grow 2 to 3 kgs. in 3 months.

Let’s take average 2 kg. per baby rabbit.

That means 350 baby Rabbits will produce an approx. total weight of 700 kgs.

We buy those baby rabbits from you at the rate of 100 to 120 Rs. Per Kg. [ this is so called minimum rate as per the market conditions. It can be more than this.]

Now just calculate the figure by yourself……..

And this much of money you can earn every 45 days.

Isn’t this simple, easy, affordable and huge & quick returns business.

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