Let’s see how easy in Rabbit Farming

  1. Rabbit Farming business requires less space and it can be done anywhere at farm, backyard, on terrace or even at home.
  2. The capital investment for this is very less. One unit of Rabbits contains 7 females and 3 males. And the cost of unit is just Rs. 18,000/-
  3. As Rabbits are vegetarian you can feed almost anything vegetarian to the Rabbit including waste or surplus vegetables from the market, tree leaves, cattle grass or even kitchen scrap. Hence, it is very easy and affordable to feed a Rabbit.
  4. No skilled labour is required for this project.
  5. As per Indian Law we can not catch, kill or keep a Rabbit as Pet animal. But since 1960, the Government of India has taken initiative in importing Rabbits. Thus growing or keeping Imported Rabbits is authorized by Indian Law.
  6. The reproduction capacity of Rabbits is very high. One female Rabbit delivers every 30 days. She delivers 5 to 10 babies per delivery.
  7. 15 days after delivery the female Rabbit gets ready for mating again and the pregnancy and lection period is just 30 days. That means a female can deliver babies every 45 days, which is very fast growth of reproduction. In five years a mother Rabbit will deliver 34 times.
  8. Within 3 months a baby Rabbit gains weight of 2 to 3 kgs.

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