Disease Management for Rabbit

The common diseases in a broiler rabbitry are Pasteurella infections – Snuffles, Conjunctivitis, Abscess (mixed infection), Blue Breast, Enteritis, Coccidiosis, Ear mange and Scabies.

Fortunately the two most deadliest Viral disease of rabbit viz. Myxomatisos and Viral Haemorrhagic disease are not prevalent and not documented in India .There are no commercially available medicinical preparations for Rabbits as such in Indian market. Through our practical research and practical, We have concluded to an appropriate dose of almost all the preparations for the above mentioned infections. Most of them are fed on prophylactic basis either through feed or water thus decreasing the prevalence of diseases.

Following critical points should be strictly looked upon:

1. Cages, sheds, feeders and waterers should be cleaned daily.

2. There should be adequate space/animal

3. Proper ventilation should be provided.

4. Sick animals should be isolated and kept in separate cages and treated immediately.

5. Routine operations like Feeding, watering, cleaning cages and utensils should be carried for healthy animals first and then the diseased ones.

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