Rabbit Feeding

Feed costs are the major expense in producing a fryer, as much as 80 percent of the cost of production. It is extremely important to use a sound feeding program. Earlier, In India there was no commercially available broiler rabbit feed. Although many people use feeding systems that include green feeds, hay, or home-mixed grains.

Under natural conditions rabbits have the habit of ‘Caprophagy’. Cecotropes, also called ‘night faeces’ or ‘soft faeces,’ are the material resulting from the fermentation of food in a part of the digestive system called the ‘cecum.’ Cecotropes are nutrient-rich and are passed out of the body, like faeces, but are reingested by the animal so the nutrients can be absorbed. Cecotropes have twice the protein, and half of the fiber of the typical hard faecal pellet. They also contain high levels of vitamin K and the B vitamins.

But, in cage system, reingestion of Cecotropes is not possible. Based on the nutritional and physiological requirements of rabbits and our practical experience we have formulated a exclusive broiler rabbit feed in consultation with an reputed compound feed company in India . Taking into consideration each and every part of cage management system, balancing for unavailability of Cecotropes  a result oriented Broiler rabbit feed from 100% veg source in mash form is successfully used by our farmers. It contains 17% Protiens,14% Crude fiber, 12% Indigestible crude fiber, 3 % fat, essential  Amino acids, Minerals and Vitamins totally with Digestible energy of  2550 Kcal/Kg and and Metabolizable energy of 2410 Kcal/Kg. The rabbits can be exclusively reared only on this ration without a greens or hays. This feed helps the weight gain of fryers, maintains the fecundity and fertility of the breeders, and maintains vigor and disease resistance.  The feed has also been effective in periods of low fertility i.e. in summers, almost the breeding proceeding similarly in all seasons.  The greens mainly Lucerne , Maize and market surplus leafy vegetables  or hay are if available are fed as bonus.

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