Rabbit housing

The ideal direction for rabbit shed in East West. Temperature inversion factor plays important role in rabbit farming. Hence appropriate provisions for temperature maintenance should be made to avoid stress on animals. In the modern production systems of livestock, rabbit rearing is still kept under traditional pattern i.e. Deep litter.  This system is mainly followed in some of the Asian countries viz. Vietnam , Bangkok which are engaged in extensive rabbit farming with a population of at least 25000 heads in one housing.

The cage system of rearing replaced floor system in the late 1990’s. The cages are erected on wooden poles, steel bars and on stones. Bucks and Does are housed separately in individual compartment and brought together only at the time of breeding. The ideal gauge for floor of the cage is 14-16 with a mesh size of 19×19 mm or 25×13 mm. The walls and roof can be constructed with lighter gauge i.e. 16-20 with a mesh size of 25x25mm. Average space per animal  includes the space for pups with a room for adequate exercise.

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