Global Rabbit Meat Production

China is the largest producer of rabbit meat, constituting approximately 40% of global production. Most of the remainder of global production occurs in Europe . Other Asian countries viz. Thailand and Vietnam are also in the producers list.

China accounts for approximately a quarter of world exports, with The Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United States and other European countries being the major importing nations. Current rabbit meat supply is far below estimates of domestic and export demand.

The world production of rabbit meat is valued to be about 1 million tons, of this the 54% is produced in the EU. The four biggest world’s producers – China , Italy , Spain , France – contribute to almost ¾ of the world production.

The international trade of rabbit meat involves almost 50 thousands tons, equal to almost the 5% of the world production, to confirm that the principal part of the world’s production is destined to the domestic use80 % of the world imports are made by the European Union. Main importer countries: Italy , Belgium , France , Germany . Main exporter countries: China , Eastern Europe countries

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